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Our workshops offer a variety of hands-on experiences that introduce young children to concepts in engaging ways. Each class includes playful activities that are intentionally chosen to support your child’s development. Our learning extends beyond the classroom and into the museum and community where children and parents are encouraged to wonder and explore together as a family.

Ages: 4-12 months
: 10:15 – 11:15am 
Non-Member:  $30
One Caretaker + One Child (one additional caretaker is welcome to join for the museum portion of the class)
Location:  Classes begin at National Museum of Natural History, Constitution Avenue Lobby and conclude at the museum listed in the course description

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Winter Animals

January 11 and 12 at 10:15am: Register Here

The weather is cold and your infant is likely noticing the changes in temperature. Our workshop will focus on this shift in their environment and introduce you child to animals that are good at keeping warm during these cold months.
Museum Visit: National Museum of Natural History


Ice Skating

February 8 and 9 at 10:15am: Register Here

To learn about this classic winter activity, the class will take a trip to the National Gallery of Art’s ice rink. We will watch the ice-skaters and the infants will explore the ice, skates, music and learn about how the skaters move.
Museum Visit: National Gallery of Art – Sculpture Garden



March 14 and 15 at 10:15am: Register Here

Come learn more about this adorable waddling animal! The class will discuss how penguins move; where penguins live and what penguins look like.
Museum Visit: National Museum of Natural History


Barnyard Dance

April 18 and 19 at 10:15am: Register Here

We will read Sandra Boyton’s Barnyard Dance and then visit the National Gallery of Art to see Alexander Calder’s animal sculptures.
Museum Visit: National Gallery of Art – East


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