Class Descriptions

INFANT WORKSHOPS (6 – 18 months)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Join us for a sailing adventure through several museums. Row, float and create as we explore all there is for a baby to know about transportation on the water.

Baby It’s Cold Outside!
Come in from the cold and join us for a “snowy” experience. In this class infants explore some of our favorite winter wonders.

Tiny Gardeners
Filling and dumping, digging in the dirt, stopping to smell a beautiful flower. Infants get to work exploring flowers and gardens.

Look, Touch and Learn
Each week we will discover our senses and engage in play that will help your child learn about themselves as well as, build their cognitive, emotional and motor skills.

Water, Water Everywhere
Splish, splash!! From bathing to play, water is an import part baby’s life. Each week we will explore water and different ways we use it.

Tiny Painters (single class)
Picasso, Monet, and Cassatt have nothing on your little one! Infants will get messy exploring paint, paper and brushes and follow it up with a look at some masterpieces on the Mall.

Tiny Sculptors (single class) 
Ok, so your baby is no Michelangelo, but they are mastering their sense of touch and with it, learning all about the world. We will help them along their way as they explore materials, shapes and forms and maybe even sculpt the next David.

TODDLER WORKSHOPS (19 months – 3 years)

Animal Stories
Captivating stories coupled with museum visits that will teach your toddler about some of their favorite animals.

On the Go 
Planes, trains and automobiles at the Smithsonian! Each week will feature a different mode of transportation and inspire your child’s inner engineer.

Goin’ on a Picnic
Your toddler can easily recognize their favorite foods, but do they really know where they come from? Join us as we explore foods on their journey from nature to picnic table.

Same on the Inside
It is never too early for your child to begin to understand and appreciate diversity. Each week we will begin with everyday jobs, like eating or getting dressed and then we will learn how they are done in other parts of the world. Families are encouraged to share their own traditions as part of the class!

Making Music

Toddlers love music, but did you know that it can help them build other skills too? Music can nurture cognitive, social-emotional and even language skills. Each week we will explore a different genre of music.

Where the Wild Things Are (single class)
The cherished children’s book is the focus of this class as we use our imaginations to recreate the setting, characters and plot of the story.  Let the wild rumpus begin.

Let’s Go Camping (single class)
Camping is a favorite pastime of summer and a great way for young children to learn about the natural world. Join us as we imagine our own camping trip and explore both animal life and environment.


ABC’s of Art
Learn about the building blocks of art making by exploring form, line, materials and technique. Then apply these experiences to your very own masterful creations!

Animals in Art
Children discover the significance animals play in art from all over the world.

Marvelous Museums
Introduce your child to the museum and its treasures. We explore why museums are important and how we can learn and have fun in them.

The Science of Art
Explore the masterpieces of the Smithsonian and the “what and how” behind their creation.

What Does It Mean?
From portrait to landscape, children discover art through its many forms and meanings.

World of Wonder
From Africa to Ancient China, participants will examine objects from all over the world and participate in activities that enhance their understanding of that culture.

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