Preschool Summer Camp

Session 1: June 22nd – July 3rd

Folk Life Festival!

In this first summer camp session, we will explore the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The theme of this year’s festival is the way cultural knowledge shapes our interactions with the ever-changing environment. Campers will listen to music, watch performances, dance, play instruments, and connect to the world around them through music. We will investigate the ways in which we can use music and movement to communicate the feelings, hopes, and ideas that live inside all of us. We will learn about music as a means to share our stories and empathize with the experiences of others. [Please note – SEEC will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.] Cost: 808.60

Session 2: July 6th – July 17th

It’s a Mystery!

In this session, we will be detectives on the case! Let’s explore some mysteries in history and put our problem-solving skills to the test. How did famous detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew gather evidence and spy important clues to solve their cases? How do we use science to test this evidence and figure out what really happened? Investigation and inquiry will be the name of the game as we challenge our curious minds with mysteries! Cost: 808.60

Session 3: July 20th – July 31st

Pirate Adventures!

Ahoy, landlubbers! Are you ready for an adventure on the high seas? We will follow an ancient map filled with clues to discover buried treasure. But first, we must assemble a crew. Are you ready to join the SEEC pirate team? Come sail away this summer on an adventure filled with mythical creatures and team building fun! Cost: 808.60

Session 4: August 3rd – August 14th

Scientific Explorations!

In this session we will explore how weird, surprising, and fun science can be! We will get messy and silly as we learn about the scientific method through hands-on experimentation. We will use materials we find in our school and home environments to learn about the world around us. Cost: 808.60

Session 5: August 17th – August 21st

Spread Your Wings!

A change is coming – Kindergarten is on the horizon! This big transition will inspire our last session. We’ll look at changes coming, differences about new schools, what we’re nervous about and looking forward to. Along the way we will also explore some favorite things at the Smithsonian and collaboratively decide on museums to visit, exhibits to see, and outdoor favorites to include. As we wrap up our summer, we’ll be ready to make that big leap to elementary school! Cost: 404.30

Preschool Summer Camp Application


Grade Range: For rising kindergartners.

Deposits: A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration for each requested session. The deposit will be applied to the cost of the session. Deposits are non-refundable and will not be applied to other sessions.

Camp Tuition: Camp tuition is based on the current tuition for 4 year olds. All families that do not have at least one parent employed by the Smithsonian will be charged a non-Smithsonian fee for each session [$80 for each 2 week session]. Camp tuition will be paid via automatic debit.

Registration Dates: Applications for all children will be accepted beginning February 5, 2020. The enrollment process will begin and spaces will be allotted according to the priority schedule listed below. If the number of applications exceeds available space, a lottery will determine enrollment.

Tuition Dates for Summer: Camp Session 1: Friday, June 19 Camp Session 2: Friday, July 3 Camp Session 3: Friday, July 17 Camp Session 4: Friday, July 31 Camp Session 5: Friday, August 14

Hours: 7:30 am – 6:00 pm, with a maximum of 9.5 hours per day. Parents should plan to arrive with enough time to exit the school by 6:00pm.

Paperwork: All paperwork including a current health and dental form (signed by your physician/dentist and dated after August 21, 2019) must be submitted to SEEC by the morning of the first day of camp. Children without current health & dental forms may not attend the program until they are completed and submitted. Paperwork will be accepted anytime in May or June.

Lunch: Lunch will be provide Monday – Thursday just like the rest of the school year, but on Fridays children will bring their own bagged lunch for a picnic (more details on what to bring and how to get your child involved in packing their own lunch)

Splash Day: On Thursday, the children will play in the sprinklers on the playground. Children will need to wear, or bring, a swimsuit, towel, extra change of clothes, water shoes, and a plastic bag to send wet clothes home in.