At a Location of Your Choice

Professional Growth Opportunities for Museum and Early Childhood Professionals

SEEC offers tools to provide young children with meaningful learning experiences through its blend of museum and early childhood experience.

Bring SEEC’s training sessions to a location of your choice with one or more of the following professional development options. SEEC training workshops are hands-on and require active participation.

One Day Seminars:

Pricing for one day seminars at a location of your choice is dependent on individual needs. Please contact Betsy Bowers at for more information.

Creating Collections with Young Children

SEEC will bring this one day seminar to your museum or school to help your educators discover new ways to assist classroom teachers in creating and using classroom collections and exhibits that combine literature, art and objects to introduce children to the magic of museums in a way that aligns with you individual classroom curriculum.

Two Hour Workshops:

Two hour workshops are generally $650 for up to 25 participants, however SEEC is willing to discuss tuition assistance on a case by case basis.  Please contact Betsy Bowers at for more information.

Connections and Collections: Engaging Young Minds in MathIMG_02735

Children love to sort, organize and classify.  Learn how to harness this innate interest to build science and math skills.Participants will be introduced to the concept of developing collections in the classroom as a teaching strategy to support and create opportunities for math-based activities.

The Museum in Your Classroom

file (4) file (5)Everyday objects bring awe and wonder into the classroom.  Museums are known for housing large collections of interesting objects, but they are often considered inaccessible to younger audiences. In this workshop, participants will learn how to make connections between the kinds of objects found in a museum and everyday objects that can be explored by children in the classroom.

Never too Young: Talking Culture with Kids

file (10) file (11)Positively influence the next generation by using artifacts to create a culturally inclusive classroom.

 This session will illustrate universal themes that are common to all people and cultures as a strategy for thinking about others, and will then offer an approach that honors differences while being careful not to promote stereotypes.  Although many artifacts and works of art offer authentic experiences for children to become acquainted with diverse cultures, some objects need to be presented with an awareness of culturally sensitive content.  The idea of developing a positive and accepting attitude about differences will be part of the conversation.

Spaces that Inspire

Image 53 file (18)Using a museum model, curate meaningful learning through thoughtfully constructed environments.  Participants will consider how the classroom environment can be viewed as an active teaching tool but also a tool for communicating to children, parents, and visitors.

Try, Try Again: Supporting Positive Playground Experiences

Want to ensure that your outdoor time is a part of the learning experience?  Bring out your inner child while learning to engage children in problem solving and experimentation in play.

Promoting a Child’s Sense of Wonder

file (16) file (15)Share moments of curiosity through science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Questioning techniques, inquiry and the scientific method will be addressed as educators explore the wonders of nature with a  variety of hands-on activities. Participants will leave the workshop with new ideas for science experiences that fit within the context of their students’ interests and everyday connections to their classroom lessons.

o   Optional: Explore some of the most amazing natural wonders with a SEEC led visit to the National Museum of Natural History where participants will expand their understanding on information learned in the workshop.

Inspired by the Greats: Process Art Experiences

Nurture your creative spirit and enjoy the artistic journey of process over product. Join us for a discussion of current theories in art education for young children, emphasizing process-oriented art making, that will focus on the value of this approach and how this contributes to a child’s learning.  Teachers will be introduced to artists and their techniques, children’s books about artists, and art making experiences.  Session leaders will model techniques for engaging children in talking about art, using examples of fine art in reproductions for the classroom.

Image 16

o   Optional: Teachers that have participated in the Inspired by the Greats workshop can enrich their experience at a local art museum for a 1.5 hour museum based workshop. Participants learn to make multi-disciplinary connections by using masterpieces from the collection.


Dialogue, Discussion and Inquiry

Image 645

Foster 21st century skills such as curiosity and innovation through questions, conversation and observation. In addition to recognizing different types of conversational encounters in the classroom, participants will be challenged to expand their own use of language and question asking to build important developmental skills.

Keep them Coming Back: Embracing Young Audiences & Establishing Boundaries

Find out how frontline staff can play a key role in positive museum experiences, while keeping artifacts safe. This workshop presents effective strategies for encouraging engagement and appropriate behavior for children and families while visiting the museum gallery.