Institutional Membership

Become a Founding Member

SEEC is launching a premiere membership program for museums and early childhood centers across the country – to build a community of practice invested in early learning in museums and the community.  Our focus is on educators and caregivers working with children between the ages of 4 months and 6 years.

Membership Benefits

SEEC Lesson Plans

  • Rich in content and keyword searchable, these online weekly plans support either an emergent or theme based approach to classroom and community learning.

Museum Magic (E-version of SEEC’s Classic Resource Guide)

  • Focused around 15 early childhood themes including topics like “Real and Pretend”, “The City”, and “Change”, this e-version of SEEC’s original curriculum presents a variety of creative classroom activity ideas that incorporate the museums and community into early learning experiences.

SEEC’s Collaborative Community Curriculum (Online Access)

(Developed in partnership with the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art)

  • Six complete educational experiences include pre-trip and post-trip classroom lesson plans, art gallery based activity ideas, and take home information for families to extend the learning with their child.
  • Topics focus on important global concepts including:
    • Clothing, Transportation, Buildings, Jobs, Environment, Food

SEEC’s Family Workshop and Birthday Party Plans (Access Upon Request)

Professional Support and Development

Training, coaching and consulting services designed to support the successful implementation of SEEC materials include:

  • Online 2 hour orientation for educators using SEEC materials
  • Participation in Smithsonian based seminars (for two educators)
    • Fall – Introduction to Objects and Informal Learning Environments (2 day) & Literacy Development for Toddlers and Twos using Literature, Art and Objects (1 afternoon)
    • Winter – Supporting a Child’s Positive Sense of Self using Literature, Art and Objects (2 day)
    • Spring/Summer – Play: Engaging Young Learners in Object Rich Environments (2 day)
  • Participation in 3 online webinars.  The topics include object-based learning, technology, and the importance of asking good questions.
  • Access to SEEC Classrooms (for observation)
    • Plus coaching/mentoring from SEEC educator upon request
  • Participation in monthly teleconference session with other SEEC members (90 minutes)
  • Educator Workshop at a location of your choice (2 hours)
  • Telephone consultation support as requested

Enroll Today!

The pilot year membership cost is $1250.  Members will enjoy all the benefits of this one-of-a-kind program from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017.

In exchange for this economically priced all-inclusive package, SEEC asks that members provide feedback about their membership experience.  This information will be used to develop and grow SEEC’s membership community.


For more information, please contact Betsy Bowers at

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