Institutional Membership

Become an Institutional Member

Become a member of SEEC’s premiere program for museums and early childhood centers that provides access to SEEC resources including professional development, curriculum, and consulting hours. Our focus is on educators and caregivers working with children between the ages of two months and eight years.

We have three options for membership – sign up for one, two or all three depending on what makes the most sense for your organization’s needs and budget.  This structure will ensure you are receiving the benefits that are most important for you, while personalizing the areas of growth you wish SEEC to help in.

Membership Options

Professional Development – $400

SEEC offers you tools to provide young children with meaningful learning experiences through its blend of museum and early childhood experience.  This benefit allows you to choose between two options based on your interests and needs:

  • Tickets to our seminars at the Smithsonian. Choose two of the following:
    • One ticket to Supporting a Child’s Positive Sense of Self using Literature, Art, and Objects (2 day seminar)
    • One ticket to Play: Engaging Learners in Object Rich Environments (2 day seminar)
    • Two tickets to Literacy Development for Toddlers and Twos using Literature, Art, and Objects (half-day seminar)


  • A 2 hour workshop of your choice at the Smithsonian or at your location (additional travel expenses may apply)

Curriculum – $500

SEEC utilizes an emergent curriculum in which educators harness the children’s interests to teach content and developmental skills in the classroom, museums, and community.  Sign up for this membership benefit to receive more information, support and examples of this approach:

  • SEEC’s Emergent Curriculum Guiding Document
  • One hour orientation of Emergent Curriculum via video
  • Three hours of consulting related to lesson plans
  • A visit to a SEEC classroom to observe curriculum in practice
  • Access to SEEC lesson plans upon request
  • 20% discount to SEEC’s seminars
  • Use of SEEC’s former curriculum, Museum Magic

Professional Community – $300

Join SEEC’s professional community to explore a range of topics related to early childhood education and beyond.  Benefits include group meetings with SEEC educators and institutional members to gain new perspectives and reflect on your practice:

  • Membership to SEEC’s bimonthly Book Club (you may join us in person, or remotely via video).  Read our Book Club Blog to learn more.
  • Quarterly meetings related to topics of interest
  • Three hours to discuss topics of your choice with SEEC museum and classroom educators

Sign up for all 3 options and receive $100 off, making the total cost $1100!


Enroll Today!

Members will enjoy all the benefits of this one-of-a-kind program from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018.

For more information, please contact Brooke Shoemaker at

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