Families Together

Families Together’s mission is to create an atmosphere of lifelong learning. Families are invited to spend time together exploring a topic inspired by the Smithsonian’s collections. Different activities are available for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged children.  Families can choose to stay and play or go on a museum visit too. Explore, wonder, observe, and learn!

Ages | 0 – 8 years
 10:15am – 12:15pm 
Cost | 
$40 per Family
Location | Classes begin at National Museum of American History, Staff Entrance on 12th Street between Madison Drive and Constitution Ave. See Map



Museum Visit: National Museum of American History
There is more to a seed than meets the eye! Learn about the various ways that seeds disperse and populate the Earth. Plant a seed to take home with you and watch it grow!

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Experiments and Inventors

Museum Visit: National Museum of American History
Ever want to invent something? Families will be empowered to invent and create while learning about past inventors. They will discover more about the physical world while conducting experiments.

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Human Body

Museum Visit: National Museum of Natural History
Everyone has their own unique body, but do you know how our bodies work? Come explore the various ways we use our bodies and how our bodies function.

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