Portfolio: SEEC In Your Community


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  • Arlington County Early Childhood Educators – June 2019 – Never Too Young
  • Valley Drive Preschool – April 2019 – Fostering Wonder
  • Concord Hill School – March 2019 – Fostering Wonder
  • Millian Preschool – March 2019 – Fostering Wonder
  • Chinese Delegation of Principals – October 2018 – Fostering Wonder
  • US Capitol – September 2018 – Learning Through Objects
  • Langley School – August 2018 – Fostering Wonder
  • Children’s Museum of the Upstate – July 2018 – Fostering Wonder
  • Pre-K 4 SA, City of San Antonio – June 2018 – Fostering Wonder
  • Teacher of the Year Smithsonian Day – April 2018 – Bringing STEM Concepts to Life through Art
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Early Educator Conference – April 2018 Engaging Young Children in Conversations about Objects
  • Saint Charles Early Childhood Center – January 2018 – Never Too Young
  • Just Us Kids – August 2016 – Connections & Collections


Learning Through Objects:

It [the Learning Through Objects workshop] was the first such lesson in five years of being a tour guide – I am blown away by the knowledge of the presenters and the amazing skills they are able to provide the children.”

“This was so fantastic. It was so useful, interactive, and creative. Engaging from start to finish.”

Fostering Wonder:

“This was a great presentation. Ignited my curiosity of allowing more child-led exploration.”

“Gave me a lot of ideas on using objects and resource to enhance learning in my classroom.”

“I loved the way they [the facilitators] remind us how we can bring the community to our school so budget or time doesn’t stop us.”

“Very eye opening to use the various resources at our local community. Makes it seem easy to venture out of the classroom to explore through the eyes of a 4-year-old.”