Teacher Feature: Three Year Old Classroom Explores Frankenstein

This Teacher Feature was originally posted last year, but we felt it was fitting for this time of year!  This lesson utilized modern art to explore monsters; how can you incorporate art with young children this Halloween?

It’s Teacher Feature Thursday!

This week we are featuring Erin Pruckno and Dana Brightful in the Wallaby classroom. While this class of three year olds were exploring the galleries they noticed their children being hesitant of some of the darker spaces and talking about being afraid of different things. This, combined with Halloween quickly approaching, inspired Erin and Dana to take on the topic of monsters. I joined their class for a lesson on Frankenstein. Below you will find a reflection from Erin and Dana and images from a lesson Erin led.

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Teacher Feature

What were your topics of exploration? Why did you choose them? Where did they come from?

This fall we focused on exploring monsters! The decision to learn about monsters came from many different places. For one, our students were playing many imaginative monster games together on the playground and in the classroom. It was also October, so it seemed a fun…

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