Top 5 – DIY Gifts from Kids Edition


The holidays season is upon us, and we know from experience that it can be difficult to come up with a gift that children can actively contribute to while also being economical, useful, and meaningful.  This task becomes even more daunting if you are a classroom teacher with a large number of students.  Over the years our teachers have found several DIY gifts to be a hit.  See our list to be inspired!

Snow Globes

These snow globes from Our Best Bites are festive and fun for children to make,especially taking the “I’m in a snow storm!” photo. They’re also cost effective, which is always a plus!



We’ve found these silhouettes canvases from Christina Williams to be easy and a huge hit with families!  We also love these silhouette canvases because even the youngest of ages can help! After sticking the contact paper silhouette to the canvas, children can paint with their fingers or a paint brush.  In the past we’ve ordered these canvas panels to ensure we had enough for all the children in the class.



Talk about fun and functional!  These DIY trivets from Inner Child Fun look like a blast to make and also have a practical purpose.  For younger children, help them stick long pieces of tape on the trivet, and encourage them to pat it down flat.  Allow children to use colored paint with their fingers or paintbrushes.



How cool are these bookmarks from Creative Family Moments?  When we make these here at SEEC, the kids love to pose for their photo and help pick out the silliest one to make into a bookmark.  After the teachers laminate them, the children also help by picking the colored yarn or ribbon they think their family will like, and work on their fine motor skills by threading it through the hole at the top.



This fantastic and personalized gift idea comes from two of our past SEEC teachers, Rebecca Wilcox and Erin Pruckno.  The children painted popsicle sticks and posed for a picture acting as if they were going sledding.  Then the teachers hot glued it all together and created a fun winter display for the class and families to enjoy before taking their sled home for the holidays. (2).png

If you have other ideas for fun DIY gifts that children can make for their families, please comment; we’d love to hear your ideas!  And check out our DIY Gifts from Kids Pinterest board for more ideas!