Top 5 – DIY Gifts from Kids Edition Take Two

Are you scouring the internet for a gift that your child or students can create to give as a gift for family members?  It’s tough to find something that’s budget friendly, useful, and actually fun and meaningful for children to make.  That’s why we’ve rounded up seven (we just couldn’t keep it to five!) more ideas for exciting DIY gifts that your children will actually enjoy making.  And if these aren’t enough, check out our Top 5 from last year!


Hand Print Key Chains

How great are these hand print key chains from Grey House Harbor? Not only are they useful, stylish, and personal, they also look like a ton of fun to make! Mix science with art as you watch the shrinky dinks shrink in the oven.


Paper Plants

Not only are these paper plants from The House that Lars Built beautiful, they require no watering or light!  Grab some paper, markers, scissors, and a box or cup to make these colorful plants.  Children will let their imagination loose as they practice their fine motor skills.



Our preschoolers enjoyed making these wintery suncatchers and we’re sure their families will love them too!  To create these colorful creations, open up a sheet of laminating paper (our art educator, Caroyln Eby, suggests taping the paper on the table so it stays open), and decorate it with oil pastels, tissue paper, and glitter glue.  Spice it up further by adding dyed noodles and icicles made from crumpling foil.


Twig Pencil Holder

These twig pencil holders from the Royal Horticulture Society are easy to make and functional too! Take a nature walk together to gather the twigs while noticing the nature in your neighborhood.  You could even paint the twigs to add a pop of color to a family member’s desk.



If your child is anything like our students at SEEC, they love to make artwork year round.  Save some throughout the year or sit down for a drawing session to make these custom calendars from Martha Stewart. For a more budget friendly version, print out a year calendar from the internet.


Rock Photo Holder

Create a rock photo holder from Buggy and Buddy that can hold a special photo.  Painting the rock can be enjoyed by any age and putting the beads on the wire builds fine motor skills!


Homemade Wrapping Paper

Don’t forget to wrap up all these gifts!  Include your child in the wrapping process by providing them large white paper to decorate.   If you’re child is an older infant or toddler, lay out paper and allow them to dance or move on the paper with paint.  If they’re older, provide a variety of ribbon and washi tape that they can use to wrap and practice fine motor skills.


If you have other ideas for fun DIY gifts that children can make for their families, please comment; we’d love to hear your ideas!  And check out our DIY Gifts from Kids Pinterest board for more ideas!