20 Teacher Approved Baby Shower Gifts

Yay, a baby! It’s time to celebrate the parents-to-be! Feel like going rogue and gifting something not on the registry? Here are our favorite ideas, parent/kid tested and teacher approved. Many items on this list will age with the child and be a play room staple for years!

  1. Set of Sensory Frames

If you have seen our earlier post on sensory bins you already know how much we love these sensory frames. They are a great DIY gift option and can be personalized for the colors and theme of any baby room. They can also be updated to suit the needs of the child as they grow. Just pop the glass or plastic out of a frame and fill with any tactile material.

  1. Walker

Their new baby will be up and moving before they know it. Anything a baby can push or lean on as they start to move is a perfect gift to help encourage movement. This can be a cart, wagon with a tall handle, or even a pretend lawnmower. As long as it has wheels and a steady base it will help a young child feel confident enough to take those first steps.

SEEC Baby Shower Gifts Sensory Bottles

  1. Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are a fun way to allow young babies to safely explore small objects. They will be a fast favorite if they are filled with high contrast noisy items. Best of all, you can also DIY and make them completely personalized. One option is to upcycle a clean wide-mouthed bottle, fill it with water and glitter, and then add laminated pictures of the family.

SEEC Baby Shower Gifts Hats

  1. A lot of Hats

Children always need hats and at SEEC we know firsthand how many hats can end up lost or forgotten at school. Provide the family with a range of hats for all seasons that coordinate with the age the child will be at that time of year.

  1. Museum Adult and Child Program

Many museums are now on board the baby train and offer programming intended specifically for this very young audience. Many new parents are often looking for excursions that are both infant friendly and provide adult interaction and stimulation. At SEEC, our programming allows adults and babies zero to twelve months a safe, welcoming, and educational environment to experience the museums. Learn more about our BYOB and Infant Investigator classes on our website.

SEEC Baby Shower Gifts Family Album

  1. Baby Safe Family Album

Create an easy baby-safe photo album by laminating pictures and securing them together with a luggage tag loop or carabiner. Select a loop or carabiner that can twist to lock and is extra-large to ensure it won’t become a choking hazard.

SEEC Baby Shower Gifts Mirror

  1. Baby Safe Mirror

Have you noticed how much babies and young children love to look at themselves? Learning to understand expressions and read emotions is a big developmental milestone for young children and a lot of practice for the child happens in front of the mirror. A baby safe mirror has rounded edges and is made from plastic. It is a perfect tool to help liven up tummy time for an infant and is sure to continue to hold their attention as they grow.

  1. Gift Card for a Baby Photo Book

A gift card is a great motivator for someone to finally get that photo book made. This will end up also being a gift for the child, who will love looking back at themselves as a baby.

SEEC Baby Shower Gifts Foam Pool

  1. Foam Play Pool

This is probably the most popular toy in our infant room. When the child is sitting up but not mobile it’s a great soft and confined place to play. As they get older it will be a perfect spot for all sorts of climbing and tumbling.

  1. Outlet Protectors

This item is often overlooked on a parent’s baby proofing list but it is an important tool to make sure a space is baby safe.

  1. Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are a great toy that will age with the child. At first, they will be great teethers and sound makers (when the cups, blocks, etc. are clapped together). Later, they can help a child develop their depth perception and hand eye coordination.

  1. Babysitting Voucher

Provide an IOU for your babysitting services. Free care giving services for a first night out with a baby will be greatly appreciated!

  1. Gift Card for Groceries or Food Delivery

Feeding yourself becomes second priority when you have a baby. Give the gift of food delivery to make sure all family members are all well fed!

  1. Travel High Chair

Encourage the parents to head out on the town with their child with a travel high chair. Many easily snap into place making the child ready to be a part of any table related activity.

  1. Onesies with Zippers

No more fumbling with buttons or snaps. A quick zip ensures a speedy change in the dark getting all parties back to bed in no time.

SEEC Baby Shower Gifts Socks

  1. Baby Socks

Like hats, one can never have too many.

  1. High Contrast Wall Art

Help decorate the nursery with baby friendly art. While a baby’s eyesight takes a while to develop they are first able to distinguish high contrast shapes.

  1. Books on Child Development

They may have read all the books on parenting but why not provide them with some great books about their child’s brain development? Check out are favorites from the SEEC book club here.

  1. Sound Machine

This will help keep adults from feeling like they have to sneak around the house.

  1. Freezer Ready Teethers

Teething will be upon them before they known it and some freezer ready teethers will be a perfect treat for baby. They can also double as boo-boo soothers.

Have some favorite gift ideas we didn’t mention? Please share them below!