Artful Afternoons



Join us for an afternoon of fun and creativity. Families are welcome to drop by our art studio Sunday afternoons where they can choose from any of our four maker stations. Each station presents a challenge or question based on the afternoon’s theme.

Ages | K – 3 Grades (younger siblings are welcome)
Time | 2 – 4PM
Cost | $30 per family
Ticket | 2 Caretakers + 2 Children
Location | National Museum of American History

2:00:  Studio Opens
2:15:  Introduction to Stations
3:15: Final Admittance
4:00: Studio Closes

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Nick Cave

Sunday, September 23 at 2pm

Station 1: Wearable Wood
Station 2: Sound Strips
Station 3: Textiles
Station 4: Sound Stations

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Xu Bing

Sunday, October 28 at 2pm

Station 1: Prints
Station 2: Rubbings
Station 3: Calligraphy
Station 4: Monkeys Grasp for the Moon

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Sunday, November 18 at 2pm


Station 1: Plans
Station 2: Faҫades
Station 3: Landscape Architecture
Station 4: Stained Glass

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Alexander Calder

Sunday, December 9 at 2pm

Station 1: Circus
Station 2: Wire Portraits
Station 3: Mobiles
Station 4: Painting

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Sunday, January 27 at 2pm

Station 1: Landscapes
Station 2: Capturing Change
Station 3: Shadows
Station 4: Pointillism

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