Artful Afternoons

Join us for an afternoon of fun and creativity. Drop by our art studio Sunday afternoons and explore four maker stations, each of which presents a challenge or question based on the afternoon’s theme. How you solve that challenge is entirely up to you  – sky’s the limit! Stations are designed for K-3 grades, but all ages are welcome.


  • $20 | 1 Child + 2 caregivers
  • $36 | 2 children + 2 caregivers
  • $50 | 3+ children + 2 caregivers
  • Workshops run from 1-3pm, final admittance at 2:15
  • Most workshops meet at the National Museum of American History

February 19 │ Music and Sound

Our afternoon will explore the science of sound and instruments and connect music with the visual arts.  

Station 1: Make an Instrument

Station 2: Create Like Kandinsky

Station 3: Sound Art

Station 4: World Music and Instruments

Eventbrite - Artful Afternoons - Music and Sound

March 19 │ Movement and Art

Art that moves, art inspired by movement, art that reflects movement – spend a few hours actively creating unique works of art.

Station 1: Action Painting

Station 2: Optical Illusions

Station 3: Moving Art

Station 4: Making Movement

Eventbrite - Artful Afternoons - Movement and Art

May 21 │ Theater and Storytelling

Our afternoon, created especially by our expert in theater arts, will explore the art of telling stories and some selected components of the theater.

Station 1: Puppetry

Station 2: Tableau

Station 3: Write a Story

Station 4: Create a Costume
Eventbrite - Artful Afternoons -  Theater and Storytelling

July 16 │ Food

We all love to eat and food has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to artists. We will experiment with different types of art in which food plays a prominent role and finish by creating our own food sculptures.

Station 1: Still Lifes

Station 2: Food Portraits

Station 3: Thiebaud Cakes

Station 4: Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Eventbrite - Artful Afternoons - Food