Parenting Classes

Become empowered to be your child’s first teacher in our virtual parenting classes! A child’s education begins at birth and these classes are for parents/caregivers of children. Learn how to help your young child begin their learning journey by responding to their interests, sparking their curiosity, and allowing them to engage in self-directed activities. Join us as we explore ways to support your child’s development and encourage their innate love of learning. 

Our Virtual Parenting Classes are specially designed programs for adult audiences who are looking for a rich learning experience. Children are welcome to be in the room/attend. 

Current Offerings

Early Literacy for Caregivers – Asynchronous

Explore this workshop at your own pace! Upon registration you will be emailed resources pertaining to the workshop, login information for the Q&A session, and given access to the workshop recording via Vimeo. In order to share the recorded content with you, please create a free Vimeo account which takes only a few minutes and input your Vimeo account name when registering. 

It is crucial to introduce books to children in an age appropriate way. Learn how to encourage your child to play with books, dialogic reading techniques, and ways to connect books with objects to help deepen your child’s understanding.

Audience: Parents/Caregivers of children ages 0 -3 years old
: Content available for one month once participant receives the link. Live Q&A session on last Friday of each month from 11 AM – 2 PM.
One Family
Location: Classes meet virtually

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