Virtual Birthday Parties

Celebrate a birthday with a virtual trip to the Smithsonian! Invite your friends to visit an object or artwork digitally and learn the story behind it. Conclude the party with time to create something based on what you’ve just learned about. Materials not included, but a list of easily accessible materials will be provided prior to the party.  


  • Ages: Preschool and Early Elementary parties are available at this time (see below for themes).
  • Price: $125 
  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Scheduling: Parties are scheduled according to availability. Parties may be hosted on weekends or weekdays. To schedule, please contact Brooke Shoemaker at 
  • Guests: price includes up to 15 guests (recommended max guest limit), add up to 5 guests for an additional cost of $40 
  • Cancelation Policy: In the event you need to cancel, we will refund half the cost up to two weeks prior to the party date. If the event is canceled less than two weeks from the party date, SEEC will keep the entire cost but we are willing to help you reschedule for another date within a calendar year.   

Preschool Parties:

  • Exploring Nature: Insects & Bugs 
    For the child who loves to flip over rocks and look at insects. We will look closely at entomologist E.O. Wilson’s portrait to learn about insects and pretend to move like different bugs.  
  • Exploring Nature: Where the Wild Things Are  
    Be introduced to the wonderful world of Maurice Sendak and pretend to be a Wild Thing. We will travel to the imaginary world while looking at Among the Sierra Nevada by Albert Bierstadt and have our own rumpus. 

Early Elementary Parties:

  • Art: Soundsuits with Nick Cave 
    You may have never seen art like this before! Artist Nick Cave combines found objects, sound, costume and more to create his famous soundsuits. Discover the science behind sound and create your own sound accessory.  
  • Art: Color with Alma Thomas 
    Bring on the color! Through Alma Thomas’ artwork we’ll discover how color is created and how it can tell a story. 
  • Art: Impressionism with Claude Monet 
    This class combines space and art! Explore Claude Monet’s paintings and the relationship between the sun and Earth that allowed Monet to capture  
  • Art: Moving Mobiles with Alexander Calder 
    Alexander Calder wanted to make art come alive through movement. We’ll take a look at his larger than life artworks before creating mobiles of our own.  

Preschool: Art Explorer themes, and Early Elementary: Ocean themes coming soon!