Preschool Pioneers


Our workshops offer a variety of hands-on experiences that introduce young children to concepts in engaging ways. Each class includes playful activities that are intentionally chosen to support your child’s development. Our learning extends beyond the classroom and into the museum and community where children and parents are encouraged to wonder and explore together as a family.

Ages | 3 – 5 years
 | 10 – 11:30 am OR 1 – 2:30pm
Cost |
Ticket |
One Caretaker + One Child (one additional caretaker is welcome to join for the museum portion of the class)
Location | All classes begin at the National Museum of Natural History, Constitution Avenue Lobby and conclude at the museum listed in the course description

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Coral Reefs

Saturday, September 16 at 2pm

Colorful, beautiful, and so important to our oceans! This class will introduce your child to the role coral reefs play in our ocean and how they are constructed.

Museum visit | National Gallery of Art East

Register Here – September 16 at 2pm


Color Remix

Sunday, October 14 at 10am
Saturday, October 20 at 10am

Meet us at the intersection of science and art! In this class we will learn about what color is, and how to make and manipulate it. Our museum visit will highlight how color is used by different artists.

Museum visit |Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Register Here – October 14 at 10am

Register Here – October 20 at 10am


Wild Weather

Saturday, November 17 at 2pm
Sunday, November 18 at 10am

You never know what the weather will be in DC! We’ll explore several types of wild weather and the conditions that create them.

Museum visit | National Gallery of Art

Register Here – November 17 at 2pm

Register Here – November 18 at 10am


Ocean Zones & Creatures

Sunday, December 9 at 10am
Saturday, December 15 at 10am

Get ready to dive deep into the ocean! As we swim deeper, children will learn about the zones of the oceans, and creatures that live in each zone.

Museum visit | National Museum of Natural History

Register Here – December 9 at 10am

Register Here – December 15 at 10am


Cave Art

Saturday, January 26 at 2pm
Sunday, January 27 at 10am

Thousands of years ago, early humans drew on the wall of caves all over the world and at different times. This class will give children the chance to explore the life of early humans and explore these mysterious symbols, how they were made and what they might have meant.

Museum visit | National Museum of Natural History

Register Here – January 26 at 2pm

Register Here – January 27 at 10am