Preschool Pioneers

As your child transitions to their PreK and Kindergarten years, you will notice that they are not only able to do more, but they are beginning to think more critically and make connections. Our classes will build on this momentum by exploring topics in a way that engages children in exploration and problem-solving, and supporting conversation and appreciation of multiple perspectives.

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    • Classes begin at @10am or 1pm and last 90 minutes
    • Class themes are subject to change due to exhibition schedules.

 Schedule of Classes ¦ 2016 – 2017


Cave Art

Long ago, humans began expressing themselves through art they left on the walls of caves. In the classroom, we will imagine what it was like to live thousands of years ago and make this early form of art. Afterward, we will head up to the Hall of Human Origins in the Natural History Museum to see a cave firsthand.

Saturday, July 15 @10am




Please be patient with us as we are transferring over to a new ticketing system. We hope to have our Fall/Winter classes posted by the end of July.  For the most up-to-date information, please join our mailing list.