Smithsonian Early Explorers Program

The Smithsonian Early Explorers (SEE)  is part of the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center’s (SEEC) program offerings. SEE is different in that it is a two-day/week program for caretakers and children, aged 18 months to 2 years. SEEC, on the other hand, is a full-time program for infants through Kindergarten. If you would like to learn more about SEEC’s  full-time program, you can visit here or contact Melody Passamente Powell:

The Early Explorer’s classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays in the National Museum of Natural History from 9:30am – 11:30am. SEE combines expertise in early learning with the world class resources of the Smithsonian. Young learners and their caregivers will explore museums, develop skills through play and build life-long friendships.

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